Assisted Living in Alberta

Alberta assisted living communities are offered throughout the province, from the large cities of Edmonton and Calgary, to the smaller cities and towns that dot the countryside. Assisted living provides comfortable, dignified housing as well personal care. No matter where you live in the province, we will work to help you find the right Alberta assisted living community for you or your older loved one.

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Assisted Living in Alberta

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What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living, provides residents with the senior care services they need to live as independently as possible. It allows for residents to live in a home-like setting while having access to assistance as their needs change. These communities vary greatly by size and services offered but some typical services are providing meals, housekeeping and social activities.

Proud Member of ASCHA

The Alberta Senior Citizen Housing Association (ASCHA) is a dynamic, experienced and warm association representing approximately 60% of the seniors living sector in Alberta Canada. ASCHA serves 30,000 + seniors across the province and represents the full spectrum of seniors housing options, including over 2,500 designated assisted living (DAL) units, with an integrated perspective.

What is the Cost of Assisted Living in Alberta?

Assisted living community costs can vary greatly depending on the resident's needs, location of the community and the size of the room. In 2013 the average rent for an Alberta assisted living unit was $2,798. It is important for the resident to not only consider the care that they need at the time of moving in to the community but that they (or their family) considers what future care they may need.

Alberta Canada Assisted Living Laws and Regulations

Assisted living must be licensed under the Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act and meet the Supportive Living Accommodation Standards.

The Supportive Living Accommodation Licensing Act requires that the communities are licensed if they provide accommodation for four or more individuals, provide services related to safety or security, and provide one meal a day or housekeeping services.

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