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Senior housing is available throughout BC Canada. From the largest cities of Vancouver and Surrey, to the small towns that dot the majestic countryside, there is no shortage of excellent housing and care options for seniors. No matter where you live in BC, we will work to help you find senior housing that meets your family’s needs.

We have helped hundreds of seniors and families in British Columbia find the right nursing home. There are more than 33 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in British Columbia. Get detailed long-term care facility reports and compare costs and services. Request info to start your senior care search with a compassionate Senior Living Advisor.

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Nursing Homes in British Columbia

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What should you consider when looking at a Dementia Care community?

Knowing what to look for can make the transition into a dementia care community easier for both the resident and the family, and many factors need to be considered. Things to consider are, is there separate accommodation specifically for persons with dementia? Are there special social and recreational activities for persons with dementia? Asking the right questions will save stress down the road for the resident and the family.

What is the cost of Dementia Care in BC?

Dementia care is offered at some, but not all long-term care facilities in BC. There is a wide range of costs associated with dementia care and the high and low end differs greatly, but the average cost for dementia care in BC is $5,720 per month.

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