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Senior housing is available throughout Ontario, Canada. From the largest cities of Toronto and Ottawa, to the smaller suburban and rural cities and towns, there is plenty of fine housing and care options for seniors. Wherever in the province your search is focused, we will work help you find the right Ontario senior housing option for your family.

We have helped hundreds of seniors and families in Ontario find the right nursing home. There are more than 50 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities in Ontario. Get detailed long-term care facility reports and compare costs and services. Request info to start your senior care search with a compassionate Senior Living Advisor.

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Nursing Homes in Ontario

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What is the cost of Dementia Care in Ontario?

In 2013 the average cost of dementia care in Ontario Canada was $4,584 per month. Dementia care costs can vary greatly depending on many factors such as location, community size and the level of care needed. Because of this, it is important to have an assessment to determine what care is needed now and what services the community be able to offer down the road.

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Ontario Dementia Care Resources

  • Alzheimer Society of Ontario - The Alzheimer Society of Ontario is a a non-profit organization that provides care, support, information and education for seniors living with dementia.
  • Ontario’s Strategy for Alzheimer Disease - The Ontario Government promised to listen carefully to those affected by Alzheimer Disease and respond with a co-ordinated strategy to address this devastating disease.
  • RIA - Research Institute for Aging - RIA is a non-profit organization seeking to enhance the quality of life and care of older adults. RIA looks for innovative solutions based on real world learning and practical research.
  • Room 217 Foundation - Room 217 is a not-for-profit corporation and registered Canadian charity dedicated to caring for the whole person with music.
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